Susan Landau


Spring 2019: I will be teaching Privacy in the Digital Age; here are the course description and syllabus.

Enrollment requirements: No programming background needed, but a willingness to, and interest in, playing with digital tools is required. The course will include five hands-on computer labs.

Please note that this is a graduate course; undergraduates will be admitted by permission of the instructor. Please send a brief (one-two short paragraphs) to me explaining why you are interested in the course and your background (background relevant to the course).

Fall 2018:I taught Cyberlaw and Cyberpolicy; here are the course description and syllabus. I expect to teach Cyberlaw and Cyberpolicy next in fall 2020.

Enrollment requirements:Students need not be computer science majors to take Cyberlaw and Cyberpolicy, but the course will assume some familiarity with how the Internet works as well as some familiarity with laws and policy making. The latter need not be through formal education---e.g., it could come from frequent reading of the press (and by this, I mean the parts of the press that cover legal issues in a thoughtful and detailed way (e.g., the New York Times or the Washington Post---but it will be assumed. During the course, students will be expected to integrate knowledge of technology with law, politics, economics, and domestic and international affairs. There will be significant amounts of reading, writing, and discussion in this class (and no programming).

Spring 2018: I taught Cyber in the Civil Sector: Threats and Upheavals; here are the course description and syllabus. I expect to teach Cyber in the Civil Sector next in spring 2020.

I also taught Privacy in the Digial Age as a module (half-term course) in spring 2018; the course description and syllabus are here. This course has been replaced by the full-term version, which I will be offering in spring 2019.

Office Hours

Please note: It's best to check with my admin, Tina Cottle (tina cottle at, whether I'll be in on a particular day.

My office hours for Fall 2018 are:

Tuesday: 11:00-12:00 Mugar 251B.

Thursdays: 1:30-2:30 Halligan 241. I will not be in December 6; instead I will hold office hours that week on December 5, 1:30-2:30.

My Mugar office hours are by appointment, either by signing up at the door or emailing Tina Cottle (tina.cottle at